Sunday, June 6, 2010

Importing .bib file and using bibliography database in OpenOffice

Importing .bib file and using bibliography database in OpenOffice

1) Download JabRef-2.6.jar from

2) Start jabref with:

java -jar JabRef-2.6.jar

3) open .bib file and export it in to .ods format

From JabRef, export your database using the .ods format

4) Start Writer and Choose Edit -> Change database. Click on Select, and select your database exported to the .ods format.

5) Unfold the + located in front of the name of the imported database, then click on the displayed filename, and, finally, on the button Define.

6) Choose Tools -> Options -> Base -> Database. In this window, the database you just imported should be displayed. The default OOo bibliographic database should also be displayed (Bibliography).

7) Edit the Bibliography database, and alter its name, such as Bibliography-old (in fact, Writer does not allow selecting several bibliographic databases).

8) Select your bibliographic database, edit it, and rename it Bibliography (pay a special attention to the capital letter at the beginning of the name).

9) After these steps, your bibliographic database should be ready for use with To check about it, choose Insert -> Index -> Bibliographic entry...: the list of the BibTeX keys should be displayed.



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