Saturday, July 25, 2009

Parameters we can used for cooja in contiki-2.x

java -jar cooja.jar [parameters]

Can provide custom contiki path instead of the default path which cooja is contained ( I guess )

Can provide custom externel_tools file. The default file is  contiki-2.x/tools/cooja/build/external_tools_linux.config

Quickly start the simulator using the given config file.
The configuration file can be either a saved simulation (.csc) contiki build to target cooja (.cooja) or a contiki source file (.c)
( .csc  .cooja .c )

Quickly starting a saved simulator(.csc), make targeted to cooja (.cooja) or contiki source file (.c)  WITHOUT gui
( .csc, .cooja, .c )
Make sure at least one test editor is controlling the simulation

Load the applets given followed by following switches given bellow
        web applet path
        sky firmware
        esb firmware
        build path

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