Sunday, December 28, 2008

Install gnome-globalmenu 0.7 in Ubuntu intrepid (8.10)

gnome-globalmenu 0.7.0 is more customizable and have fulfiled most of the expectations of the os x lovers, see screen shot bellow.

  1. apt-get install alien
  2. wget
  3. wget
  4. alien -d --scripts vala-0.5.1-1.fc10.src.rpm gnome-globalmenu-0.7.0.svn1861-1.fc10.i386.rpm
  5. dpkg -i vala_0.5.1-2_i386.deb gnome-globalmenu_0.7.0.svn1861-2_i386.deb
  6. Configuring gnome environment to collaborate with globalmenu edit ~/.gnomerc ro /etc/profile and include following configuration to it. You have to keep at least 'export GTK_MODULES=globalmenu-gnome' line uncommented to enable globalmenu. Other options can check if you want.

# Uncomment to load the GTK module

export GTK_MODULES=globalmenu-gnome

# Uncomment to tell the GTK module to open a Gtk

# TreeView for all menus in the application you start.

# export GNOMENU_FUN=1

# Uncomment to disable global menu.


# Uncomment to print a lot of debugging messages


# Uncomment to save the debugging messages to the given file.

# export GNOMENU_LOG_FILE=/tmp/gnomenu.log

# uncomment to disable the plugin for specific programs.

# export GTK_MENUBAR_NO_MAC="fast-user-switch-applet"

That's it. now logout and login and add add 'global menu panel applet' to the panel


  1. sudo alien -d -scripts vala-0.5.1-1.fc10.src.rpm gnome-globalmenu-0.7.1-1.fc10.i386.rpm
    You can not use --generate or --single with --install

    What now?

  2. Same error

    sudo alien -d -scripts vala-0.5.1-1.fc10.src.rpm gnome-globalmenu-0.7.0.svn1861-1.fc10.i386.rpm
    You can not use --generate or --single with --install.

  3. use --scripts instead of -scripts ( note: two '-' signs)