Monday, July 30, 2007

Founded Lanka IT Revolution Community (LKReC)

With the evolution of Information technology, it getting generalized in the society, means the people getting more familiar with that by time. Advance concepts and technologies we learned in universities have become easy to learn for the school students. While some students already in the stream, some students still don't know how to start learning and keep going.

To help them with choosing the suitable path to their career and to make them keep going, We hope to be the linkers of them to share there knowledge, helpers when they need some hand and motivators to keep excitement of learning.

Though the mission mostly focused on the school students or the younger generation, others who interested can participate the community with there ideas and visions. They also can get hand from this community.

The first seminar:

First seminar was held at Piliyandala central college on last Friday. That was very interesting and the feedback was more than we expected. The students were happy and had long Q&A session at the end.

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